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    Default Backhoe Hydraulic Hookup Question

    I am installing a Woods BH-80 on my kubota B7800 and have a question on the hydraulic connections. I have a single rear remote valve on the tractor so the backhoe connection is a little different than normal. I believe I can connect the backhoe hydraulic input to the power beyond port on the remote valve and the output to the PB port on the engine, effectively putting the backhoe in series with the loader valve and remote valve. These hoses would then be connected together when the backhoe is removed. I was wondering if, as an alternative, I could stack a 2nd remote valve with a detent and connect the backhoe to that valve and keep the valve in the detent position when the backhoe is in use. This would make for a neater installation if it would work. Has anybody done anything like this?

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    Default Re: Backhoe Hydraulic Hookup Question

    Either way is fine, just make sure the new valve (or section) is rated for well beyond the flow rate of the tractor so you don't get heat build up there...

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    Default Re: Backhoe Hydraulic Hookup Question

    None of the B series or L series auxiliary valves are detented - the bungee cord routine is not the best either.

    Make it clean by sourcing your flow fromthe PB (power beyond) port on the loader vavle and hooking the backhoe in series between the loader and top cover. You will only need two hoses with a quick coupler in the middle to be attached when the backhoe is removed.

    Good luck!

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