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    Default Hydraulic control for Grapple

    I would like to purchase a Root Grapple for my kubota L35.

    The company I am considering purchasing this through is telling me not to purchase the specific Grapple hydraulic control, the solenoid opperated valve set up that converts the bucket joy stick to the Grapple control with a push of a button and instead use one of my 3 spool control valves for the scrapper specifically the ripper control.

    I have never had or used a Grapple before and would like to get comments from those who have. Is getting the traditional Grapple control worth it or should I just use one of the 3 spool controls?

    Your right hand can only be at one place at a time, so I am thinking that being able to go back and forth between Grapple control and Bucket control without moving your hand would be the best way to go.

    How awkward is it to use the 3 spool control for the Scrapper to control the Grapple?

    I am looking at the Gearmore Grapple...anyone have a better idea?

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    Default Re: Hydraulic control for Grapple

    Welcolm to the board! I'm not familiar with your kubota, but opted for the solinoid switching of my curl circuit with a button on top of the joystick. I find it very comfortable to use! See attach thread for photos! ~Scotty

    PS- That said, if you've already got 3rd SCV ports ready to go, that's the cheaper option, for sure! ~S

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    Default Re: Hydraulic control for Grapple

    TONS of info if you search terms like these:

    3rd function
    WR Long

    The WR Long kit would be real nice on your machine-it will cost about $600 or so and includes everything needed for installation.

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