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    Default hydrolics frozen?

    I suspect the hydrolic pump in my Farm Pro 2425 is keeping my tractor from starting. It seems to be lagging down the engine to the point it cant turn over fast enough to start. Is this possable ? sysmtens are: turns over 2 or tree times then lags out. Turns over faster and almost starts if I engage the hydrolic lift to raise the bucket while turning it over. but it still lags out.
    front bucket lowers VERY slowly if at all when engine is off. Last time I tried to start it and tried to lower it at the same time it lagged but raise the bucket instead of loweriing it.

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    Default Re: hydrolics frozen?

    If the hydraulic system has no hydraulic restrictions, then it should start normally. A restriction could be a valve not in neutral. Perhaps you could remove the pump to see if it will start. If you engage the FEL valve with engine off, the bucket should lower, as fast as the cylinder can empty. If you tried to lift the bucket while starting, then you are adding a load to the pump.

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    Default Re: hydrolics frozen?

    How's the battery?
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    Default Re: hydrolics frozen?

    take a look at the quick connects that come off of your pump. If they are apart this will deadhead your pump and the tractor wont start. Even if they are not apart the ball may not be depressed. Look very close at both sides, fell both sides to compare the spring pressure that would push the other side open.
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    Default Re: hydrolics frozen?

    Spot on, YukonKing.
    that was the problem. my hydrolic line hangs just a little low, and it must have gotten bumped while I was bush hogging. guess I better take a few zip ties to that line and get it out of harms way. Thanks alot.

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