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    Default Shibaura D23 hydraulics jerky


    I have a Shibaura D23 and the hydraulics become jerky.

    I live in Austraila and does not have and isuses of being cold. Running air temp is between 20 to 30dec.

    This is the background so far:

    1: Start tractor from cold and the hydraulics work fine this includes the PTO and the front bucket
    2: After 20-30 minutes the hydraulics light comes on
    3: After 60-90 minutes the hydraulics start to become jerky
    4: After 2 hours the hydraulics stop or almost stop working
    5: If you stop using the tractor for a long period (overnight) the cycle then starts over.

    What we have done so far to try and fix it:
    1: Changed the hydraulic oil
    2: Checked the hydraulic filter and changed it for a new one.
    3: Checked and cleaned the screen filter/suction screen (which was not dirty)

    None of these have fixed the problem.

    I hope someone can provide some information on where to look next to fix this.

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    Default Re: Shibaura D23 hydraulics jerky

    You still might have a suction leak injecting air in the system. Check your fluid for small air bubbles, Over night, the air bubbles should come out of suspension.

    Put a hyd gage in the system and check the pump pressure.

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    Default Re: Shibaura D23 hydraulics jerky

    I too am having simulia problem changed oil filter helped with the jerking but is moving slow where is the suction screen filter can any one help ?

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