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    Default JD 950 Hydraulic Port Questions

    Hello everyone,

    I just picked up a 1985 JD 950 w/FEL, MFWD, nice little tractor.

    I am contemplating adding power steering to the tractor with the Tractor Power Steering, LLC kit. I ordered a service manual for the tractor but it isn't here yet and I have some questions about the hydraulics on the tractor and wondering if the knowledge here could clue me in in the meantime.

    Just below the left side floor panel there is a cover with a port on it, I am assuming this is the filter. Pictures here:

    and again:

    Is this indeed the filter? If so, is the port on that cover a return point into the system or pressure?

    Also, I have some questions on the ports. Here is a picture of them:

    The two lines just below the rock shaft rate of drop knob both go to the loader valve. Are these both pressure lines? If I went to a single joystick valve instead of the dual levers would that free one of these ports up? Also, is the nut that is just above these two ports(right next to the rockshaft rate of drop shaft) also a pressure port? And please correct me if I am wrong, but the line going down to the port next to the final drive is the return right?

    Thanks in advance for the help, can't wait till my service manual gets here, but I am sitting here excited with the new purchase and ready to start customizing it and am looking for a little help with this.

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    Default Re: JD 950 Hydraulic Port Questions

    Welcome to TBN

    The first and second picture show the "strainer", a steel mesh thing that can be cleaned and re-used (see first diagram below)

    There should be three lines connected to the valve body (again see second diagram):
    #1 is the pressure line FROM the pump TO the valve
    #2 is the low pressure return FROM the valve to the sump
    #7 is the Power Beyond line FROM the valve that feeds the 3PH

    Changing to a joystick valve will not help, you still need all three lines to feed it.

    All these diagrams are from and are yourself a favor and register there-just remember to "think like a parts guy" since this is the same basic system the dealers use at the parts counter.

    I have no clue as to how the PS kit ties in, can you post a link or details about it?
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    Default Re: JD 950 Hydraulic Port Questions

    Hey Kenny,

    Thanks for the info. I believe I have a plan of attack for this. I am going to use this steering system: Build your own tractor power steering systems and components

    I am going to try and plumb it like KubotainNH did in his thread here:

    I am going to try it this way and plumb it into the power beyond line, basically, the PB on the valve, just take the line off, turn the 90 degree fitting towards the back, route a hose with the loader hoses to the steering ram, then route a return hose back and hook it up to the PB line(#7) and see how it works. If it ends up taking too much power away from everything I can put it back the way it was, then split the supply line with a distribution block.

    Do you know how many gpm the power beyond line supplies?

    Thanks for the help,

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    Default Re: JD 950 Hydraulic Port Questions

    The PB port will supply the full tractor pump hyd pressure, and GPM's. That is assuming that no other valve is using fluid up stream. However, if the up stream valve is only using half, then you will have other half feeding the down stream valves.

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    Default Re: JD 950 Hydraulic Port Questions

    Thanks for the info J.J. Now I just need to figure out the return capabilities of that ram, as it seems this tractor has 9 GPM pump output.

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