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    Default Rear aux hydraulics

    Looking for info on hydraulic hoses which supply rear hydraulic control valve on my Farm Pro(Jinma) 2420. These hoses are identical on supply and return, approx 36" long with banjo fitting on one end and 90 fitting at the other.Label on hose 602 Q / HG4 TJG1-10/2/40MPa.

    No where can I find any parts supplier which shows these hoses and they are not shown in the manuals I receive with tractor.

    Any info on this setup would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Rear aux hydraulics

    Try posting in the Chinese tractor section. Tommy at Affordable tractors or Ronald at Ranch Hand Supply are two of the largest Jinma dealers in the US and on here all the time. They will get you fixed up.

    Now on to what do you need??? Your post tells us nothing other than the tractor and the hoses.

    Pictures would also help. I have been around Jinma's for 7 years and never seen a flexable hose supplying the rear remotes or 3 point lift. All I have seen are hard lines but to be honest I have only really been around 254's and larger. No 20 HP units like yours.


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