We are excited to announce a change to our pre made hose assembly package. We will now be offering more customizing of hose assemblies to better service the customer.

For example; say you need to replace a 3/8 hose with male ends that you have measured to be 92 inches overall length.

We can now make you a 3/8 inch hose with 3/8 male npt ends 92 inches long.

To determine your cost for this hose assembly follow the following steps:

1) Find the pre made hose assembly that closest resembles the hose you need; for this example you would look up the 3/8 inch hose with 3/8 male npt ends 84 inches overall length. Our price on this hose is $11.16 each.
2) Tell the order desk you would like this hose made to 92 inches overall length. Add $5 for customization charge. Your cost is $16.16 (plus shipping) for a 3/8 inch 3/8 npt hose assembly 92 inches long.
3) If the hose you are replacing needs different end fittings other than the standard ends the pre made hose came with; you are ready to order adaptors to convert your hose to the ends that came with the hose you wish to replace. This allows you to duplicate the hose you are replacing at a fraction of a dealer or hydraulics shop prices.
4) All orders ship fedex ground service FOB Buffalo, NY.

In another thread I will discuss which style of hose assembly to choose:
NPT or FEMALE JIC and what adaptors to best use for the different replacement scenarios.