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    Default Ford 770 loader on a ford 1300 tractor

    My boss just picked up a ford 1300 tractor with a 770 loader. None of the hydraulic hoses are attached. I have not got a clue where the lines go to the cylinders and the spool valves and the inlet/outlet, any and all help would be appreciated so I can keep working? Thanks


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    Default Re: Ford 770 loader on a ford 1300 tractor

    Thought I had an old schematic but can't find it.... I think I can describe it to you. There should be 7 hook ups on the bottom of the valve. The 3 that run in a row are for your hydraulic lines from pump etc.The other 4 hook ups are for the loader cylinders, to hook those up looking down from the top( joystick side) of the valve:
    Front right is for loader "drop"
    front left is for loader "lift"
    Back right is for bucket "curl"
    Back left is for bucket "dump"

    The 3 ports in a row should be marked with the letters N, P and T cast into the body of the valve...these stand for:
    T = Tank port (return going back to the sump)

    P = Pressure inlet from the pump

    N = power beyond outlet to the Next valve

    Your hydraulic line from the pump will hook up to the middle "P" port.
    The "N' port will run on back to the 3 point hitch
    The "T" port will dump back into your transmission

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