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    Default Top link hydraulic cylinder came apart???????

    Was doing some clean-up today with my grapple - had my rotary cutter attached primary for counter balance. Near end of the job, thought I would make a few passes with the cutter just to mulch up some of the remaining debris. As I started to extend the hydraulic top link (on Land Pride TOP-N-TILT/quick hitch) to lower cutter deck, fluid started shooting from the piston end of the cylinder. Shut it down, and left the cab to inspect. Fluid was coming thru a small gap formed by a partially dislodged black plastic seal(?) ring that fits within a groove at the end of the cylinder and around the piston shaft. Decided to remove cylinder to get a better look and possible repair (i.e., reseat plastic ring). After removal of cylinder holding/connecting pins and very little hand manipulation, this hydraulic link separated into its two primary components (i.e., cylinder and piston). The piston shaft is threaded at the end inside the cylinder - threads run about a inch in length. Because ends of cylinder assembly are fixed with holding pins when mounted and have been since I've had the tractor, I haven't a clue how this thing unscrewed itself inside the cylinder.

    Is this unusual? This is my first tractor and I don't have much experience with hydraulics. Is this an easy/inexpensive fix?

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    Default Re: Top link hydraulic cylinder came apart???????

    It is rare-but it does happen. As long as the threads are OK, the rod is not bent, and the bore is not scored all you need is a seal kit, some red loctite and a big wrench. You can also find a local hydraulic shop, they can put it back together for you.

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