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    John Deere 410B

    Default John Deere 410B Hydraulic problem

    I have a John deere 410b hoe with a hydraulic problem. It bareley moves when cold, as it warms up it moves faster. Anything hydraulic, steering, lifting, or hoe. We have changed the screen in the transmission, checked the line to the pump, and rebuilt the pump. And it is still the same. I think it is the priority valve but not sure what to check next.

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    Default Re: John Deere 410B Hydraulic problem

    When you say rebuilt the pump are you talking the radial piston pump or, charge pump?
    Are you using recommended hydraulic fluid?
    Was this a problem before?
    Been a lot of activity here on viscosity of fluids. Might be as simple as letting it warm before moving. May want to check pressure and or flow of charge pump when cold vs. warm.

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