I am borrowing a 76 ford 335 tractor with a backhoe to do some digging with like tree stump removal and culvert pipe cleaning in the creek. Well long story short it has a backhoe that they messed up one cylinder on it which there is three. The first one does the boom lift up and down second one brings the bucket closer to you and third curls the bucket. Well the one in the middle that I would call the swing cylinder they replaced it. Well I was told to be careful not to pull the bucket too close to me because it would hit the boom and bend it. Well of course now it is bent and I don't think I hit the boom, I think it buckled from pulling too hard I guess. I don't really want to replace it with the wrong one if it is going to do it again. I called about 5-6 places today with no luck. The only tag I can find is a metal tag on where the controls are and it says ford serial number CB 08b44 and above that it says 18-388. I would like to find the exact measurements of the correct one and maybe start to call hyd companies or buy it from a tractor place. There also two arms that connect the backhoe to the tractor frame that have numbers on them of 7700601.
Any help would be great. I was only borrowing it to do some work here and going to fix the brakes since they don't work but did look at the brakes and they are soaked with oil.