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    Default Hydraulic lines

    I have been working on building a custom tractor for the last couple of years. I am at the point now where I need to start thinking about plumbing my hydraulic lines. Most of the lines I need are going to have to be custom made. I was wondering what I would need to make my own hard steel lines? Then I can just run pre-fab short rubber hoses as needed.

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    Default Re: Hydraulic lines

    To make steel lines you will need a tubing bender and tubing cutter.

    Depending on the style of ends you will either need a 37 degree flaring tool or the ability to braze ORFS (O-ring Face Seal) ends on. Most common is 37 degree flare but the ORFS are less prone to leaks.

    You will also need some form of tubing clamps that will prevent the tubing from rubbing on components and wearing through.

    Parker Hannifin & Imperial Eastman both make quality benders.

    Parker or Eaton Aeroquip both make the ORFS braze on ends.

    Make sure the tubing you select has a wall thickness that is rated for your operating pressure. NOTE: Hydraulic tubing is sized by its OD (Out side Diameter) so take the wall thickness times subtracted from the OD to get an actual ID for flow rate.

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