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    Mitsubishi MT160

    Cool mitsubishi mt 160

    Not sure how this works. New to this site. but I have a ?

    I have a Mitsubishi MT160. Fired it up last nite after being stored for winter and my hydraulics are not working. Will not lift 3 pt hitch? Any ideas where to start.
    also would like to find a service manual for this tractor.

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    Default Re: mitsubishi mt 160

    Search the subject in the Mitsubishi specific forum. Fairly common problem regardless of make but there are several "recent" posts concerning 3 pt. lift issues. Start with the easy stuff...first check hydraulic fluid level, clean hydraulic filter and/or suction screen, check lift control linkages. If all this checks out OK then it gets a little trickier but it's not the end of the world. Post results in the Mitsubishi forum.

    I&T service manuals are all over the Internet including ebay. I have used mine to diagnose/fix this same problem on several Mitsubishi models. The copy covering Mitsubishi 160-300 series tractors is the one you want, should be able to get one for less than $30

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    Default Re: mitsubishi mt 160

    You have probably lost the prime. How long did you hold the lever in the up position?

    Check the suction hose and tighten if necessary.

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