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    Default mf gc2350 loader hydraulic problem

    Recently my loader joystick refuses to allow "down" in the usual manner. When the tractor is stopped and when it's first started up the "down" works fine. As it warms up it begins to refuse to allow me to push the joystick forward to drop the bucket. It will allow a very slight (slow) down if I push rather forcefully. In this situation I cannot push forward enough to allow the "float" position. I have notice a very small amount of leakage under the joystick mechanism. I have checked and filled the hydraulic fluid - no change. Anyone have any ideas?

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    Default Re: mf gc2350 loader hydraulic problem

    Remove the caps on the ends of the spools and see if any nuts or screws are loose, especially the nut on the end of the spool. You should also inspect and clean and fill with grease to help keep out water. Watch out for little ball bearings and springs. Keep a magnet close by.

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