I recently bought a 1070 John Deere. The tractor has been sitting for about the last 3 years. The clutch pack needed to be replaced, and the former owner let it sit awhile. I've got the new pack in and got the tractor back together. It runs great! The problem is that the lift is stuck in the "up" position. I've moved the rocker arms back and forth both with no pressure on the lift and then also with pressure (pressuring being enough to lift the front end off of the ground about 8 inches). Nothing budges. I've taken the filter off under the step (which is listed as a transmission filter in the books I've found but it looks like it filters the return line of the hydraulics). The filter had a little water in it which worries me. Very little oil (or any substance) came out. I started the tractor to see if there was anything that may come out. Nothing but a few drips.

I'm out of ideas with my feeble little mind. Does anybody have any ideas, or am I going to have to tear in to the lift assembly?

Thanks in advance!