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    Default hydraulic lines

    I am thinking about changing the hard hydraulic lines over to hoses, That is the line from the pump and the line to the pump. I want to change out the OEM hydraulic pump to one with larger capacity and this would make it a lot easier to do.
    anybody have an opinion on this idea?

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    Default Re: hydraulic lines

    how about you throw us a bone and give us some more info to go on?

    hard lines to hoses are doable. pump swaps? depends on mounting and if the valving can handle the flow.. etc.. sump size needs to be looked at as well as relief capability.

    lotsa variables to considder. can't just slap a 12gpm pump on a system with a relief valve designed to dump 4gpm, or a control valve designed to handle 4gpm.. etc.. and a sump that holds 6 qts oil.. etc.. everything has to be staged to handle the flow volume..


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    Default Re: hydraulic lines

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    Specs say you also have a closed center system. Is this correct.

    You now have 5.28 GPM's. How much more were you considering.

    Not sure if the power steering has it's own supply of fluid.

    Pressure about 2320 psi.

    Have you considered a PTO hyd pump? More volume if you have the HP to spare.

    You have about 35 HP.

    It takes about 11 HP just for your hyd sys.
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