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    First time, long time. I have a 2004 Bobcat 328 and the articulated boom cylinder will not hold it's possition. When I'm digging I frequently have to re-adjust the boom in order to dig straight. There are no leaks on the cylinder and I recently serviced the hydraulic system. I've also inspected the pedal and made sure it wasn't sticking. Could it be internal? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Do you have a hyd gage you can check some pressures.

    The valve spool could be leaking. If you say you have good cyl, then the only way for the fluid to get out of the valve is the spool lands/body.

    If you raised the boom cyl and removed the tank port hose, you could see the fluid if it were leaking from the spool, You might put a short hose to tank port to catch the fluid.

    How fast does it leak down?

    Does the relief activate when you max out the boom cyl?

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    J.J thanks. There is no actual leak on the boom. Its the cylinder under the floor board that extends and retracts when horizontal pressure is placed on the boom when digging trenches. If I try to shave the wall of the trench the boom will move left or right on it's own. I hope I'm making sense.

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