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    Default 524 and B3200 lift capacities

    LA524 and L3200 lift capacities

    brochure says 524 lift cap is any where between 855# and 1490# depending on where the load is in relation to the "pivot pin". I take it that the pivot pin is the pin on the loader end of the bucket hydraulic piston. So instead of "scooping" up alog and having the weight 12-20" forward of the pin then I should be able to hook a set of chains and a set of tongs and tilt the bucket so that the grabs are directly under the pivot pins and be close to max lift?? this is a question, not a statement.

    Also, L3200 3pt is listed at 1998# at the line between the lift arms. And 1435# 24" outside of the the point hook up. So if I made a 30" boom to lift logs with a set of grabvs I should be able to lift roughly 1200# if I build the boom right and adjust my lift armsXXXXXXXXXXXXX?

    The state is going to widen our main paved road so the yankee visitors can stay to the very last minute to get off the beach and out of the area when a hurricane comes. The widening of our main road has taken all of the builidings in downtown. We have only 1 gas station left and the post office. That's about it.

    Anyway, the state and immenent domain (sp) are going to get about 150' of my front yard. My front yard is full of 100+ year old pines. They are going to pay as much for a stump field as they will for those old pines, SO... I'm going to harvest them. I cut down three of them several months ago and my 11K trailer could only handle 2.5 of the trees and I know it was over loaded then. But luckily I only had to haul them about 4 miles to the mill.

    I'm needing to get just a little extra lift power out of my FEL and 3 PT. Can someone point me in the right direction to "upping" my lift capacity without burning up or blowing all my hoses.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Default Re: 524 and B3200 lift capacities

    If you cant lift them, then put a chain around them and using smaller logs as ramps, just roll them up and onto the trailer. My Dad loaded virgin Oak logs with an 8N Ford that way when one log filled the trailer. Just make sure you have some strong standards on the back side to stop the log from rolling off the other side.
    You probably have a set screw on your by-pass pressure relieve valve or you have washers under the spring that you can add one more washer or tighten down the set screw a bit to boost your hydraulic pressure. Just dont overdo it. You can set it to the max if you install an inline pressure gauge but you are risking damage to your loader that way.
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    Default Re: 524 and B3200 lift capacities

    You should have a relief valve close to the IN port of the FEL valve. Install a 3000 psi hyd gage in a tee at the IN port.

    Run the engine to approximate a 10 GPM flow.

    Max out the lift cyl and check the pressure.

    You have to know the hyd pump max pressure in order to set the relief pressure.

    If you want max pump pressure, you would turn the relief valve nut or screw down to tighten it, or use thin washers which will increase pressure .

    Logically, you would stay about 50 to 100 psi below max pump pressure.

    If you can get the log above the pivot point that is the best you can do. The pivot point is where the lift arms connects to the bucket.

    Actually, if you move the lifting point closer to the lifting cyl, as in behind the bucket using chains, you can lift more.

    There is a point where the tipping weight comes into play, and filled tires or weights will change that.

    The hoses , valves, cyl, and fittings are usually rated way above the pumps max pressure, so it is likely that the pump will go first.

    You have to assume that the pump manufacturer has blown up enough hyd pumps to know the max pump pressure. A hyd spike, way about the system max pressure could occur and damage just about anything.

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