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    Default Going up hill no power, but zooms up hill in reverse proper

    It was suggested to move this post to hydraulics.

    I have a Simplicity ZT Series 16 HP with a 44" Deck. It is a zero turn mower that is about 12 years old.

    This season it started great, but something is different. When I go uphill in reverse, I have plenty of power and I zoom right up the slope. When I try to do that going forward I come to almost a complete stop. If I back off the controls, it feels like it is trying to catch. Then it catches and I can proceed very slowly. The engine runs like a champ the whole time. No stuttering at all. But I have less go to almost a stop.

    I have topped off the fluid which was a little low, but I have cut three more times and it still doesn't call for more.

    Last year my uncle, who is far more mechanically inclined than I, changed the rider drive belt.

    What is totally weird to me is that when I go up the hill backwards, it is a smooth work horse. When I go up forward it slows and stops and then gets to a slow walking pace.

    My friend suggested changing the transmission filter, but the manual I have doesn't list one on the parts list.

    Any ideas? or is it time to replace after 11 seasons?

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    Default Re: Going up hill no power, but zooms up hill in reverse proper

    Since this a Zero Turn I would presume two separate HST units. If it is two separate units it sounds like a problem with the input drive belt. Would be an uncommon failure to have both HST units fail at the same time. Usually one side gets weak but not both.
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    If the drive belt was installed backwards or flipped it will have rapid wear and slip. I had a jd110 tractor that had a similar issue caused by an incorrectly installed belt.

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