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    Default Case 485 Bushhog not working after fluid Change!!

    I need help guys! I just bought a Case IH 485 Tractor. I tried it out before buying it and bushhogged about 1.5 acres. It did awesome. I bought it and changed the oil, fuel filters, hydraulic filter adn hydraulic fluid. Now when I bushhog and hit a big patch of grass the PTO stops spinning and it wont bushhog worth a crap. Like it is bogging down or like a hydraulic relief or something. Anyone know what may be the problem??

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    Default Re: Case 485 Bushhog not working after fluid Change!!

    Did you check the hydraulic fluid level after the problem? If the engine sounds like it is bogging down have you checked the fuel filters again? On my JD it has clear filter glass/plastic housing so you can see if they are getting clogged with major crud.

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    Default Re: Case 485 Bushhog not working after fluid Change!!

    I'd check to see if it has a slip clutch on the mower and that more then likely is your problem.

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