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    Default Re: MF35 fitting log splitter

    Quote Originally Posted by Soundguy View Post
    sure it WILl split it.. just not cycle fast.

    Most commercial splitters are usig 2 stage pumps.. that cycle fast.. i just perused about 20 online.. cycle times were int he 18 second range using a 2 stage pump that ran over TWICE the gpm of that MF tractor onboard pump.. which by the way.. to get 8gpm, the engine has to be setting there screaming. it don't make 8gpm at cheerefull idle.. it makes it at full gallop....
    I am thinking a gas powered splitter may be a cheaper route?


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    Default Re: MF35 fitting log splitter

    stephencaslake ,

    Prince makes a log splitter valve , LSR 3060 that will take your 3 or 4 GPM and boost it to 25 GPM .

    Prince LSR Rapid Extend Logsplitter Valve - Cylinder Services

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