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    Default Re: Hydraulic Ciruit : Using rear remote to tie into another control valve

    12 HP will power a 6 GPM pump at 3000 psi.

    Are you going to mount it as a 3pt attachment, or just tow the trailer and use tractor hyd?

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    Default Re: Hydraulic Ciruit : Using rear remote to tie into another control valve

    Quote Originally Posted by indianaEPH View Post

    I have thought about the PTO pump. The reason I'm leaning toward using the tractor hydraulic system is that at some point I will replace the spade engine and pump so that it is self sufficient. using the tractor hydraulic allows me to work the spade for my immediate needs. When I have the time I can install an engine and pump.
    Ed, what size reservoir does the tree spade have? It probably won't be an issue, but you do have to consider that your tractor's reservoir may always need to be topped off. You can probably overfill it a small amount without hurting anything.

    I have a dump trailer that came with a battery powered pump. I ordered two shuttle valves and plumbed in my tractor's hydraulics to one side of the shuttle and the battery pump to the other. The system worked great for a couple of cycles and then locked the dump in the up position. The position and orientation of the shuttle valves were causing them to malfunction. Then, it hit me. I didn't really need the shuttles. I installed two quick connect adapters on my battery pump in the trailer. When I want to use it, I just unhook the hoses from my remotes and hook up the hoses to the battery pump quick connects. It's a simple solution that works perfectly. You could do the same thing with your tree spade so that it would always have the option of working off the engine/pump or just swap hoses to the remotes to run it off the tractor.

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    Default Re: Hydraulic Ciruit : Using rear remote to tie into another control valve

    I'm going to keep the spade on the trailer and just use it as is but with the tractor hydraulics
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