Bought the m4950 doa, rebuilt the engine, fired it up prior to engine reman 3 point worked fine if I recall but maybe not. I just dont remember since it was torn down for about 8 weeks. I lost hydro oil durring disasembly, refilled with Tractor Supply hydro & tranny oil and no 3 point action, checked a couple of hundred combinations on valving no luck, unit does have remotes, power steering working fine as is everything else EXCEPT the 3 point lift. The hydro pump is a dual pump and like I said PS is working fine.

I am and experiance mechanic with all phases of machine repair but have never worked on 3 point hydros.
Any help from any of you GOOD Republican or Conservatives would be great. Sorry for any typos, old laptop not mine.

Thanks in advance, Hot Headz Marine