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    Default 54 FORD NAA Hydraulics tap

    Is there a way or can I tap off the hydraulics on this tractor. It does have the new style hydraulic pump (piston type). I want to make a quick connect point so I can run a log splitter or maybe some other hydraulic option at the back of the tractor. Thanks for your help!

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    Default Re: 54 FORD NAA Hydraulics tap

    a couple ways actually.

    1, locate an excedingly rare top cover remote valve. they DO come up on ebay from time to time.. they are rare.. people know it.. expect to pay about 200-250$ . There are many types. diverter valves, SA and DA spool types...

    2, for limited use, you can simply chain the short upper 3pt arms down to the axle trumpet, then remove the pipe plug in the lil odd shaped option cover on the hyd cover, and put in a QD there.. tapping that qd and then raising the 3pt control will give you a SA port controlled by the 3pt lever.. drop to exhaust.. lift to extend. if you need DA, plumb the ouput of that tap to a cheap open center valve.. plumb it's return bak tothe hyd sump.. many people drilland tap the fill cap for the hyds sump for a hose barb fitting as the return is low pressure... lift 3pt handle to start oil flowing.. then plumb the spool however you need it.

    3, you can remove that lil odd option cover. there are 2 passageways under it basically, in the cover itself.. you essentially drill/tap/plug one port, than drill and tap another hole int he cover for a hyds out port, then reinstall.. then you remove a 1/2" plug near the base of the hyd center casting.. you get oil from there.. go to an open center valve of your choice.. then return oil to that port you added to t he cover. the plug you installed blocks the oil passageway, thus the need for the external loop. if you ever remove the valve, loop that hyd line from the base of the sump tot he new port, OR remove the cover and remove the plug, and then plug that new port. 3pt still works as long as oil is not diverted to another cyl at the same time. same with the top cover oem remote. note.. this option only works well with the later top covers that have a small cover that has multi ports under it, not the early one with oblong ports., also.. be carefull.. them lil covers are NLA.. if you ruin it.. you are hosed.. so if this scares ya a bit.. choose another option.

    my 711 loader is currently plumbed with a modified cover as such..e tc.

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