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    Default Ford 861 lift problems

    I have my Grandfather's 1958 Ford 861 Powermaster. I was nine years old when I saw it come of the truck new. I'm part way through restoring it, having rebuilt the engine last year and replaced the clutch and brakes before that. The chassis is painted red and gray. I am ready to start on the sheet metal, and with no body experience, I'm nervous. Any tips for a novice would be appreciated.

    The reason for writing this post today, though is a problem I'm having. The hydraulic system has had a problem for a few years now in the winter when I'm trying to plow snow with a back blade. I can solve the problem by loosening the bleed screw on the pump and letting air and oil out. At times I take the screw right out and wait a minute until it spits out oil, then it will work very slowly until the system gets warmed up, then it works fine. I think it must have water in the system that is freezing, blocking oil flow. Has anyone else had this problem or know the solution?

    While I'm on, I'll share another problem. I have a 1972 Ford 5000 diesel that I can't get started. It was running fine before my nephew ran it out of fuel. In bleeding the system, I have not been able to get fuel at the injectors, but can everywhere else before that. I'm ready to invest $50 in a lift pump, which will be a waste if it is the injector pump, but is my last hope, given that the injector pump is $1400. Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Ford 861 lift problems

    When water gets in the fluid , it is hard to remove it after it is emulsified.

    You should test for water in the hyd fluid bu doing the crackle test.

    Heat a spool real hot and put a couple of drops on the hot spool, and if it crackles or sizzles, there is water in the fluid.

    You need to find the source of the water ingestion and fix it r keep it covered.

    If you have a suction leak in the suction or the pump is worn, you may lose your prime.

    Only way to fix that is to fix the leak or reseal the pump.

    Replace filters and clean screens if your tractor has them.

    Replace the fluid with whatever is necessary for your climate.

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    Default Re: Ford 861 lift problems

    Is there a bleed screw at the injector pump? My john deere had two at the pump and was kind of hard to get the air out.

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    Default Re: Ford 861 lift problems

    any rubber in the feed lines from the filter head to the pump?

    oe cav rotary pump?

    on the hundred series plumbing.. have you repalced the orings on the manifold? if yes and still loosing prime.. usually shaft seal if a piston pump... though water int eh system just beats all.. wreaks havoc with it.. will make an unloader stick fast..

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    Sounds like loss of prime. There is a seal on the pump drive shaft that might be worn. or the pump could be wore. there are o rings that seal the lines between all elements that could be cracking.

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