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    Default Re: Slow, Noisy Hydraulics in Cold Weather

    Quote Originally Posted by kiotiken View Post
    I never thought of doing that, great idea.
    Good idea only if the pump is not hammering or growling. If the pump is growling you are just shortening the life of your pump rapidly. Cavitation is the implosion of air bubbles created when an air-oil mixture is drawn into the pump and pressurized Vs pure oil. This implosion process pits the wear surfaces and so it looks like these surfaces have been sand blasted with course sand leaving the surface like coarse sand paper. All of these little particles of steel and or aluminum now travel into the rest of your system.

    You need to either change to thinner fluid or allow the tractor to sit and idle for a period time before moving in order for the pumps to start moving oil. Also like others have stated check for moisture in your system once warmed up. Is the oil milky colored or clear. If milky can you pull a sample and let it sit to see if it is air bubbles or water. Both should seperate out over time.

    Not sure what fluid Massey recommends for your tractor but I would think an ISO 32 or SAE 10 would be acceptable. Does Massey offer different options like most other manufacturers do?

    Lived and farmed in Central, MN and saw temperatures in the minus 20 - 30 range. At that temperature our machinery would work just took a little warm up time. We used an SAE 10 weight hydraulic and tranny fluid in all our tractors. Skid loader used ATF and it was probably the most cold blooded of all the equipment. This was in the 60s- 80s so oils have changed some.
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    Default Re: Slow, Noisy Hydraulics in Cold Weather

    Does this get worse when you operate two levers at once.

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