I am in the process of taking my 13' tall mobile freestyle motocross landing ramp and making it fold down with the use of two hydraulic rams, one on each side, and am wondering how i go about finding the right mounting angle to keep them from ripping off the hinge point and also allowing for maximum travel. I also would like input of the size of pump needed to fully extend my power up/power down cylinders (which are 5" cylinders at 48" long from eyehole to eyehole) and also how big of a reservoir i will need to have for the fluid. the pump i currently have is a Monarch 08111-L and has a 2 gal reservoir. it loAttachment 303371Attachment 303370Attachment 303369Attachment 303372Attachment 303371Attachment 303370Attachment 303369Attachment 303372oks small to power such a large set of hydraulic rams.