Good day everyone..
I'm hoping to get some help for the hydraulics on my BT750 backhoe.
This unit comes with a option for auto boom return that frequently acts up.. This auto return function is run off a few sensors and a set of solenoids attached to the hydraulic valve body. Well one of the solenoids packed in in the other day.. Actually the top blew off of it.. I am looking to replace this valve body with a manual actuated valve and completely remove the auto return as i don't use it, and some of the other sensors are not working on it.. From what i can tell the valve stack is a Husco 5000 series. So does anyone know if i can take a non kubota valve and inset it into my current stack?? I'm looking to use this valve.. HUSCO N52-A1 HYDRAULIC DIRECTIONAL SPOOL VALVE SECTION 35256 482-1-313-4697 | eBay

I do have a few pictures i can post if it will help.. I figured i would get the conversation started, as i do not know what information may be requred to determin if this will work or not.
Thanks in advance.