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    Default Hooked up Loader Pressure and Return lines backwards to Loader Valve


    I am new to this forum. I searched for other topics similar to mine, but could not find...So posting a new thread. I rebuilt my first John Deere 302A loader valve. It's closed center and has two spool valves, the boom one having a float mode. I believe I have rebuilt correctly, but I believe I hooked up the pressure and return mains to the loader valve backwards. Now I have NO PRESSURE anywhere (i.e. the 3 point hitch lift has no power). So nothing budges at all right now. I fear that I sheared my main connection in the pump as it was overwhelmed by pressure coming into the pump where it wasn't supposed to be. Question: what happens when you hook up the mains to a loader valve backwards and run the engine? Does it explode something like a filter? Or seize the pump and break the main shaft to the engine? Is this repairable? Or do I need a whole new pump? I am a bonehead of course, but just asking what could happen if you hook up lines backwards and you send high pressure fluid back to the pump and/or filters the wrong way? Should I pull the pump and look for a bad shaft?

    Any help is much appreciated.


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    Default Re: Hooked up Loader Pressure and Return lines backwards to Loader Valve

    If your tractor truly is closed center you should not have damaged your pump.
    If your tractor has a gear pump and you hooked the hoses up incorrectly you may have damaged something.

    What model of tractor do you have?

    Try and take some pictures of your loader valve and identify which hose you have connected where.
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    Default Re: Hooked up Loader Pressure and Return lines backwards to Loader Valve

    Are you talking about the hoses from the valve to the loader to the hoses from the tractor to the valve? If the hoses from the valve to the loader doubt you damaged anything. I have hooked my up backwards a time of two.
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