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    Default Kubota BX23 hydraulic issues

    We received this tractor used about 2 months ago. It had been run low on hydraulic fluid. It has no visible leaks and the fluid is clean. Today we put 2 quarts of fluid in. This took away the abnormal whine. (Not the typical hydrostatic drive sound.) The loader's hydraulics are still sluggish and it doesn't want to lift the front end. The tractor is sluggish in low range. In high range it doesn't want to move. Everything was working normally until it was parked 5 days ago. Is this possibly just air in the system or something more serious? Recommendations?

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    Default Re: Kubota BX23 hydraulic issues

    2 quarts in 12 isn't down a lot and shouldn't have caused issues I expect, if it hadn't been run any lower? Recheck level after all hydraulics have been used and unit is stowed, eg. FEL on ground, mower/3pt on ground, backhoe up, etc., for whatever you have. Leave sit for half hour before checking.
    Remove and reseat all quick connect valves/hoses including rear backhoe/auxiliary if you have them. Ensure 3pt is down, if it is up, it may be badly adjusted and going into relief. Recheck FEL/hydraulics.
    Fluid is clean? Only way to check is to drain some, as water and sludge goes to the bottom, worth a check. Personally, unless you know the exact history, and can confirm it, I would start with new fluid and filters.
    Sluggish hydraulics - stuck/restricted QC, blocked filter from water or other contamination, or air entering system at filter suction side of pump.
    Clean hydraulic screen and replace HST filter. YMMV

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    Default Re: Kubota BX23 hydraulic issues

    Does the power steering work properly or it stiff and sluggish also. I believe a few people have had some problems with the priority flow control used on the BX. I do not recall what the exact symptoms were when this valved failed though.
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