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The dealer that installed the Koyker 160 loader on my first tractor ( Yanmar3000 ) set the main relief valve to lift early, it wouldn't lift a full bucket of crushed rock. I tried to lift the front end of the tractor as a load test, loader failed to lift the front of the tractor off the ground. I adjusted the main relief valve on the loader so the bucket would lift the front wheels off the ground. That worked out to also lift a full bucket of 3/4 crushed rock as well. Easy adjustment to make. Can't say if it was proper or safe, but it did work well and didn't damage the loader. In hind sight, think the dealer that installed the loader, set it to relieve early as a safety precaution, but it could not lift a full bucket ( 5' ) and I was sure that Koyker built it to do that and more.
Doesn't matter if the loader is rated for it if the tractor's pump isn't rated for it.
A hydrfaulic system is like a chain; only as strong as its weakest link. Often the pump is the weakest link.