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    Default JD FEL hydraulic leak within the main structural cross tube

    (Previously posted in JD forum)

    I am looking for a repair manual for a JD H260 FEL. NOT an operators manual or parts catalog.

    I have a hydraulic leak in the main structural cross/connecting tube and upon opening the covers, there is an extremely poorly designed (IMO) morass of tubing and I believe a diverter valve, etc. "I do have a 3rd function integrated into the bucket, but it has its own set of E/H valves on the tractor." I have no idea what it is 'diverting' unless it is just to insure both cylinders are getting equal flow to keep the lift even.

    Anyway, I have a lead from the bucket curl line. I took it in to the dealer, and they said "This is going to take a long time to do." and I needed it back for work this week, so nothing happened. I'm in fear of 'a long time' as it is hourly and I don't know what it will likely end up costing. It seems, if I have a repair manual, that I could take it apart and do it myself. I suspect it is simply a loose connection or an O-ring.

    But taking things out is NOT very straight forward. The design is a major PITA, as it appears.

    Any thoughts? I'm going to also post this in Hydraulics forum.

    PS: I went to the dealer and spoke with them, they said it is a major PITA to deal with. They suspect it will be 4-5hrs total work + whatever parts are needed. So, likely $4-600 at $80/hr. Its likely some **** O-ring and loose connection, but it is like changing a sparkplug on a BMW.

    They have OEM Technical manual available on the loader, but it is $260. By then, They are more than half way through fixing it, and THAT SPECIFIC issue is the only thing which isn't straight forward. Its not like purchasing the TRACTOR tech manual, where it is likely to be used many times. This is $260 for a FEL tech manual. So, if any of you have any lines on getting one ONLINE at a more reasonable rate, I'd appreciate it. Otherwise, I'm likely just going to take my tractor back to the shop Monday evening and leave it for the week again.

    The 3rd function is dealer installed. All main hydraulics are WITHIN the main tube. It is a mess. The issue is, that there is no access to either side worth a ****. It appears that I have to disconned EVERYTHING from both sides in order to remove ANYTHING. The RIGHT side hydraulic connections are held on by retaining clips.

    This is a long video (6min) showing what I am up against. I've not run into anything quite like these retaining clips on hydraulics. I wonder whether, after removal, there is a quick connect which can be pulled back, releasing the connection?

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    Default Re: JD FEL hydraulic leak within the main structural cross tube

    I find it difficult to comprehend a frt end loader tech manual costing $260. If it's any consolation you can buy one on CD for $145
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