As the Jacobsen HR15 fine cut flail mower has not been manufactured for quite some time and some parts are no longer available, what has anyone done to find a replacement hydraulic motor and pulley? My center hydraulic motor was getting weak and when I took it off the mower, I found the splines were worn very badly. Mostly due to the bolts loosening up. It wasn't my fault. It was that way when I got it. I can get a new motor for $650.00 but can't get the pulley. Seems pretty useless to install a new motor on worn splines. With so many different hydraulic motor manufactures out there, a replacement should be available. I was looking at a Loftness hydraulic motor for their flail mower. Looks like they have a good system. Could converting to this different motor work? One would have to know the GPM, and required torque/RPM of the motor which leads to another issue, can't find the specifications for the Jacobsen motor and tractor. I would assume the Jacobsen has good GPM and PI numbers.

Thanks for your feedback.