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    Default Replacing hydraulic pump on Jinma 454


    New to the tractor world here. Have been addicted to this web site for about 6 months. Have learned so much from this site! After researching for months and using information from this site bought a Jinma 454 LE back in May. I was hoping to make my first post on a project I am doing and not a problem!

    I was out clearing in our woods this weekend. I was turning around when this metallic like clank/whizzing sound started and quit before I could turn off the engine. I drove on but as I was lowering the bucket it would not move and there was hydraulic fluid spurting out from around the knob under the joystick and the cover on the joystick (Koyker 195). I shut off the engine and started looking around. There was hydraulic fluid all over the engine around the pump but the hoses looked fine. With the engine off, I put the joystick in "float" but the bucket would not lower. I tried to push down on the bucket but it would not move.

    I went ahead and started her back up and put her back in the usual parking space. The power steering is fine but I still could not get the bucket to move. I turned the motor off and looked around again. Noticed hydraulic fluid all over the ground; left a good trail of it. That's when I noticed the hose coupling that runs under the brake side of the floorboard had come undone. I remember a sapling popping up under the floorboard and evidently it knocked the coupling loose. I tried to get the coupling back together but did not have much luck. Would move the collar back, insert the male end, but, just seems like I cannot get the male coupling inserted far enough. There is no obstructions and looks like it should just pop right in but I just can’t get enough pressure to get it fully inserted.

    I know the hydraulic fluid is gone. I left a nice trail of it through the woods. I have been exchanging email with the dealer (Circle G Tractors – wonderful dealer and highly recommend) and he said the pump is probably blown. Going to call him tomorrow to discuss. He’s got one in stock and I feel alright with swapping the existing one out but have never worked with hydraulics – studied in college years ago – but no hands on experience. I have attached a picture of the pump. It looks like there are two “sides”, the PTO/Power side and the power steering(??). Once again, the power steering is fine – seems odd or is this normal?

    I have searched through past threads and I am posting this to get any advice, knowledge, “beware of…”, etc. as I get ready to swap out this pump. Like I said I am a total newbie, have some mechanical experience and aptitude, but when it comes to hydraulics I am totally green. Is there a certain way/order to unhook the lines? Should the FEL be in float prior to unhooking the pump? Once the pump is swapped, do not think need I need to bleed the lines, but do I need too, and, is there an order I should reattach?

    Once again totally green. Any and all help, advice, safety, pitfalls to avoid, encouragement, sympathy (makes me sick and have been “in the dumps” since my tractor is busted) is greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Replacing hydraulic pump on Jinma 454

    You might be better off posting this in the Chinese Tractor forum further down the page.

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