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    Default Diesel in Injector Pump

    This afternoon I was changing the oil on my new to me Bolens G274. When I opened up the bottom bolt/screw on the pump diesel came out. I know that I have the right hole as it is illustrated in my owners manual. Should I be concerned about this?

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    I had the same thing happen to me with my new-to-me TS1610F. I was concerned to say the least. But I drained it all out and added back in 30W oil (as indicated in my manual). After much use I check it now and then and I still see no diesel dilution in it. So I think you will probably be fine. Just check it occasionally and if you have to change it now and then not a big deal as long as it runs fine. I ran mine a few hours when I got it before I changed the injector pump oil and it seemed to run fine, so there is apparently sufficient lubricating qualities in the diesel to substitute for motor oil for a while at least.


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    That makes me feel better. I changed the power steering oil and that seemed fine but when I changed the hydraulic/transmission oil it looked like the previous owner had filled it with a vanilla milk shake (9 gallons worth!).

    My owners manual said to changing the transmission/hydraulic oil to drain the transfer case at the same time. They didn't have an illustration of this so I figured it was the smaller plug that is between the engine oil plug and transmission drain plug. When I opened it, there was a bit of brown oil on it and nothing came out. Out of curiosity I left that plug out while I filled the the transmission and nothing came out. Is there a separate place to fill the 4 WD transfer case or did I take out the wrong plug?

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