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    Default G194 -TS1910 problem with 4wd engaging

    I have had a G194 since it was new in 1982. About 10 years ago I was pulling a shrub (in reverse) and the 4wd gave out. I've been using it in the 2wd mode ever since but would love to get it fully operational again. Any suggestions? I'm in Rhode Island.

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    Default Re: G194 -TS1910 problem with 4wd engaging

    You need to track down where the failure lives. Somewhere between the front wheels and transfer case, of course. With the front end jacked up, you should be able to experiment with spinning one front tire and seeing if the other tire spins, and/or whether the drive shaft spins. When all is "working," with fwd engaged, one wheel restricted or on the ground, one elevated wheel should not turn freely.


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    Default Re: G194 -TS1910 problem with 4wd engaging

    Thanks for taking the time to reply, Russ....

    Okay, I did what you said by lifting the front wheels off the ground with the loader bucket. Both wheels spin when you spin on (in opposite directions, of course). If I restrict one side - like you said - I can still spin the one tire. I can't tell if the driveshaft is spinning because it seems to be enclosed.


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