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    Default Added front hydraulics on ISEKI 274 4x4 need to change the old fluid

    Where would the rear axle/tranny drain plug or plugs be located?...I've noticed a plug dead center on the bottom of the cast iron rear axle housing...if this is the drain is there also one on the transmission housing as ISEKI has onboard hydraulics for the 3 pt... I'm quite certain that I bought the correct fluid for this tractor.....

    2 large plastic jugs... about 10 liters each ....I've since added two extra mouths( hydraulic cylinders) a 1" bore and a 1 1/2" bore to the system for my new front 48" I guess I need to add a bit more fluid to feed these two ?...thanks in advance...Ampa <>

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    Default Re: Added front hydraulics on ISEKI 274 4x4 need to change the old fluid

    The transmission,rear end and trans all use the same fluid. Some Isekis also have drain plugs out by the rear wheels.

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