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    Default Iseki tractor part

    I recently posted looking for a front hub for my Iseki TL3200 F 4 wheel drive
    tractor. I was able to purchase a part from over seas, however it was the
    wrong part. It turns out it may be for a TU240 casting # TL-C2. If anyone
    is looking for this part, you can contact me @
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    Default Re: Iseki tractor part

    Hi Rodney,

    I don't need that part but I have a TU185 and would like to find out where I can get parts should I need them. Would you kindly post the source you obtained the hub from please? Any comments on their service - apart from they sent you the wrong bit!

    If anyone else can recommend part sources for the TU series can you also list them please?


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    Default Re: Iseki tractor part

    Yah, its in the UK Japanese Tractor Parts email: Japanese Tractor Parts tel:011447794478687 I hope this helps you. His name is Brian, real nice guy

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