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    Default Hard starting

    I have a TX 1500 F Iseki with the KE 75 2 cylinder engine. I have noticed several threads mentioning about hard starting. I have also noted on here about mine hard starting in cold weather until I installed a block heater. But what do you do if you can not plug it in. When I am working out in cold weather (20 degrees) I have just left it run because it will cool off in 30 minutes and then will be real hard to start.

    The operators manual calls for a NS60 12 volt battery which had 330 CCA and that battery converts over to a modern Group 51 which has 450 CCA. But I discovered a Group 56 which has 580 CCA also will fit with no modifications to battery box or hood. This one spins the motor over much faster. The battery's exterior dimensions are just big enough to require a piece of 3/8 plywood in the bottom to space the battery above sharp edges of the battery box. I wrapped a strap around the battery and under the battery box and secured it. I also took some rubber inner tube and protected the positive terminal because it is next to the fuel tank.

    I also did not know how to use the glow plugs. I only held it in the pre heating position till the little wire glowed red. The operators manual recommends 20 seconds for temperatures over 40 degrees, temperatures 25 to 40 degrees 30 seconds and temperatures below 25 degrees 60 seconds. I was afraid I would burn up the glow plugs but I guess they are much hardier than I originally thought. The manual does not indicate if these times are after the wire turns red. I suspect it is total time the preheater is engaged. I hope this might help some body as I am always wanting to start mine and it will be 10 degrees and these low compression diesels just do not want to start.

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    The glow plug wire you mention is pretty much just that......Be careful NOT to burn it out by allowing it to overheat and burn in two. It is part of a series circuit to the glow plugs and if it doenst work you have no glow plugs.........For me, I count a certain amount of time based upon the outside temp...........

    Count of 10 for 20 to 30 degrees and 5 for when its is warmer.........God bless......Dennis

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    My TX1300F starts hard in the cold weather also, but once I hold the glow plugs long enough, there usually is not an issue. You may need new glow plugs. Not sure, but if it is not preheating the engine, then you may have to replace them.
    I bought my battery at Tractor Supply and I had to go with one that had higher CCA as well. It actually works better also. It is a 22NF6 it is the perfect size. It sound like you have a good set up working for you. I did have to recently change the alternator, and it was not a fun job, but it is amazing how much better it runs. The old alternator was shot, and so was the plug. Anyways, thans for the post, there are a bunch of glow plugs for sale on Ebay, and from some of the people on here. I am not sure how to test them, but you may want to. Anyways, sounds like you have a great tractor! You should post some photos of it on here.


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