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    Default Re: Bolens Iseki diesel clutch woes

    I used a craftsman 10mm 3/8 drive deep socket and a 3/8drive extension for a clutch alignment tool. The socket fits snuggly in the pilot bearing and I wrapped electrical tape around the extension to make a snug fit on the splines on the clutch.

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    Hi, make alignment of something cylindrical 15 mm. I used a wooden rod.
    You do not have to touch the stearing, just the rod. I removed the seering wheel to protect it, when removing the cab
    . Oj

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    Default Re: Bolens Iseki diesel clutch woes

    Thank you guys for the advice! I am actually getting much more confident about doing the job myself, it certainly would save me a lot!

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    Default Re: Bolens Iseki diesel clutch woes

    I'd vote for you doing it yourself. It is a good learning experience plus you can take the time to look stuff over, clean things you want clean etc...

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    Default Re: Bolens Iseki diesel clutch woes

    Well, Finally took the dive and split the tractor to replace the clutch components. After getting it all apart the problem became real obvious. The release arms on the clutch housing were completely ground off on the ends! I'm not sure why, but either the former owner rode with his foot on the clutch and/or it's just a really bad design for the release arms! The tractor only has 680 hrs. on it.

    All the other components were almost in perfect shape! I did replace the release bearing just because, but I just put the clutch disk back in as it had hardly any wear on it! The pilot bearing was in perfect shape also.

    It took me and a buddy about 6 hours to do the complete job. We didn't find we needed to remove the steps as some have done but we did pull the steering wheel to pull the dash panel off. We also removed the fuel tank and battery/fuel tank mounting bracket so we could get at the upper bolts on the bell housing easier. We made our own clutch alignment tool out of a 10mm socket and a 3/8 extension. That worked very well.

    All in all not a terribly hard job but one I would definately recommend that you have someone to help you with. I could have done it myself but, have the help on hand sure made things a lot easier.

    If your contemplating replacing the clutch on yours, the best thing I can recommend is having that extra set of hands! Good luck!
    Bolens G152 TX1502

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