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SO let me get this straight. The batt +, the ign wire, and the wire from the alternator all 3 go to the one side of the starter selonoid?
Yes. The ignition wire is the hot wire going to the key switch and supplies +12V to everything required when you turn the key on. There will be another wire coming from the start switch to the solenoid that is seperate.

Incidentally, even though I'd rather have a diesel sit than a gasoline engine I just had a gasoline engine that sat for 15 years w/o running. There was old gas in the tank, I added a couple of cups of new fuel to it and somehow it started and ran good after the third pull! I also had a snowblower that only sat one summer with fuel and the carb was so gummed up in the fall I had to remove the float needle with pliers to bust it free. So I guess it depends a lot on the design of the system and probably the fuel quality. In any case, I'd rather deal with a fuel injected engine rather than carbureted and one that burns a less volatile fuel like diesel over gasoline.

Remember too, that you *should* be able to pull start the tractor (gear drive models for sure, not sure about hydros) in a pinch if you have to to get it running. Of course, you'll need a competent assistant for help. I haven't tried this yet, but I'm sure it's coming for me someday. I'm thinking 5th or 6th gear would be a good starting point being pulled about 3-4 mph.