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    Default Parts availability for a TS1910 4WD

    I found one locally for sale for 2700.00. I was thinking about getting it, but wanted to get a better understanding of what is NLA for this tractor and what parts can still be found. Any thoughts or opinions on this tractor would allso be appreciated. Thanks, Ken

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    Default Re: Parts availability for a TS1910 4WD

    I have a TS1610 two wheel drive. I am very happy with the tractor. The TS1610 and TS1910 are very similar. I have had the tractor for 8 years but I only operate the tractor 10-20 hours per year.

    I was able to find a replacement starter. I don't know about other parts. It will be much harder to find parts than a trip to your local tractor dealer.

    I use a 48" rotary cutter with the TS1610 tractor. It is great for that. I do have to use the low range gears for some of that work. With the additional horse power and 4 wheel drive the TS1910 will be a good tractor for a 48" rotary cutter. I like the small size of this tractor to get between all the trees on my property.

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    Default Re: Parts availability for a TS1910 4WD

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