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    Default Radiator for Iseki Landhope TU200F

    My tractor (diesel, 20 HP, 3 cylinders) has a small leak on the radiator. Took it to a radiator repair shop and they want $445 to build a new core. Is there a place where I can buy a new or used (working) radiator for less? -Nelson

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    You can use radiator repair liquid. Like this Liquid Copper
    I use for may Iseki TU180 and work great. Its keep closed radiator leak two years and no more new leaks.

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    Default Re: Radiator for Iseki Landhope TU200F

    Of course I have no way of knowing where your leak is but I just soldered a leak in my ( Mitsubishi's) radiator. A little investigating revealed the core was copper. I simply cut away a small section of fins to reach the hole and used a small propane torch and flux core plumbing solder......gently heated the area around the hole until it was hot enough to melt the solder and ran a little over the hole/area. Fast, easy, cheap and worked great. I was going to try Bar's Leaks but had the solder on hand and wanted to get it done and knew it would work. I too have used Bar"s Leaks in the past for small automotive leaks with success.

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