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    Default My H1502 comparable to G152 has been occasionally over-heating

    I have an H1502, and I used to use it for cutting my grass, however I havent since last year because it seems to be overheating when I use it for an extended period of time. So mainly I use it for snow removal now and the occasional garden project. It seems within about 30 minutes of running my mower in high grass, or one hour of snow plowing the overtemp light has been coming on. I change the oil, antifreeze, hydraulic fluid in it. The anti freeze is always very rusty. I have ran radiator flush thru it already and I had the thermostat out and tested it for opening and it works in heated water. I didnt replace it because parts arent too readily available for this machine.

    Im thinking my water pump impeller is rusting or rusted away. Anyone have any experience with this machine to maybe verify that this could be my problem? The only symptoms are the light coming on, it always runs fine. Usually when I see this light, I take it right to my out building and park it. Then the next time I go to use it, its fine til it runs for a while, then light again.

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    Default Re: My H1502 comparable to G152 has been occasionally over-heating

    I have the same tractor . The only overheating for mine usually is when the screen in front of radiator starts restricting air flow through radiator. I usually just use a high pressure compressor hose to blow out all dust and clippings that could cause this . It has always cured my overheating . I have had my tractor since 1986

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    Default Re: My H1502 comparable to G152 has been occasionally over-heating

    A friend of mine has an H1502 that was overheating while mowing. After a flush and blowing out the radiator, seemed to help but not completely. What cured it was taking the radiator out and taking it to a good radiator shop for boiling and pressure test. That radiator in your Iseki is at least 25 years old. If they dont hold pressure well they can boil. The shop said that those radiators are small and efficient. Do yourself a favor and take it in. Less than $100. Overheating is about the only thing that can destroy that tractors engine and hydro tranny.

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    Default Re: My H1502 comparable to G152 has been occasionally over-heating

    Ditto the above comments. I'd start by removing the radiator - doesn't take that long. Hold it up to a light and see if there is any pluggage. Most of the Mitsubishi engine radiators were plugged, at least partially, that I've had apart. Usually they'll clean right up with a garden hose spraying as long as you can get good access to it (hence the removal recommendation). Also make sure the fins are straight. You can straighten them with a small flat-bladed screwdriver. Takes a while but worth it in my opinion. Here's an example of bent fins and how they can be straightened if you take the time to do it.
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    Default Re: My H1502 comparable to G152 has been occasionally over-heating

    My on my TS1610 was over heating because of dirt in the screen in front of radiator and in the radiator. If there is a screen in front of the radiator don't let it get blocked like in the attached photo.

    I did have a 90s Ford Taurus where impeller on the water pump completely corroded away. The impeller was basically a flat disk when I replaced the water pump. I think they did not pay attention to dissimilar metals and the galvanic reactions at Ford for that design.

    I like the idea and photos from "likeurtractor" to straighten out the bent fins.
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    Default Re: My H1502 comparable to G152 has been occasionally over-heating

    Morris9460 is probably correct. Rust in your antifreeze is NOT a good sign!! I would get a professional radiator shop to pressure clean it. Its probably all blocked up inside with rust deposits. They can then hopefully repair any leaks that may result from that cleaning. If it was me i'd start looking around for a replacement radiator. Its probably only a matter of time now. Sorry about any bad news this might be! You never know though, you might get off lucky with just the cleaning!
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