I have ag tires and wheels on my TS1910 now, and they work well for many appilcations. During the summer, I would like to use turf tires. Front wheels are two-piece 12" diam, 4" wide (with inner tube), and rears are 24". Front hubs are 4x130mm with a 90mm pilot hole. Rear are 6x6.5" with a 5.5" pilot hole. I need 8" front and 16" rear (wide wheels), or close to it.

I know the Bolens equivalent tractor can be found with turf wheels/tires, but I don't know if the hubs are different from the TS1910. I have a picture of a Bolens G192 with 4-hole front turf tires.

Most Bolens tractor owners don't want to give up the wheels on their tractors (duh!), and don't have spares (and I don't know if they would fit, anyway). kubota and Satoh (Ford) wheels from the same era, or any era, do not fit.

Has anyone changed the front hubs on a TS1910 to a 5 or 6 hole pattern? Is it possible to change the front hubs on a TS1910?

The only 8" 4x130mm wheels that I can find are for a few older ATVs. The bolt holes look too small for the Iseki lugs (20mm), and the wheel material is 0.190" aluminum. The manufacturer websites don't list pilot hole diameters, (and don't return email.) VW Bug wheels are 4x130, but have no pilot hole to speak of. I can't find anything 6x6.5" as substitutes for the rear, let alone a 5.5" pilot hole.

I know that I can order custom made tractor-grade wheels, but this is not a high-value project for me. I would like to keep it to second-hand or off-the-shelf prices.