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    Default Iseki TS 1910 F

    Please excuse if this is redundant - I've tried to search as best as I can. I'm new to tractors and just got an Iseki 1910F.

    A few questions
    - how much / what type of oil does it take.
    - what other fluids should I check regularly - where/how much/what type
    - there are 3 "lights" on my "dash" - what are they? The leftmost "light" is actually just a hole - where can I get a new light/etc to reattach it to whatever its supposed to be?
    -There is a footpedal at my left heel. What does this control?
    -I've got a service manual on order, but can't seem to find an operators manual? Thoughts?
    -and finally (for now [img]/forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img]) - where can I get an exhaust cover (flapper type, not Maxwell House)

    Many thanks. I'll figure this thing out yet!

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    Default Re: Iseki TS 1910 F

    I can supply you with operator's, service , & parts books for your tractor. Use diesel oil in engine 15w-40 is year around oil. Universal hydraulic /transmission fluid in transmission/ hydraulices, = to or better than JD303. 80w-90 gear oil in the FWD. left heel? Right heel would be the differential lock. I can supply you with a rain cap & parts.

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    Default Re: Iseki TS 1910 F

    Len covered most items for you I'll try the lights from memory. The one on the left of the steering wheel is not a light at all, it is an indicator of sorts for the glow plugs. If you look inside the hole when you have the glow plugs active you should see a filiment glowing. The three lights on the right of the steering wheel are, from left to right: Oil Pressure, Charging, and Temp.

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