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    Default Battery won\'t charge

    I have had the alternator checked and it is ok. The shop said it probably wasn't spinning fast enough. I replace the fan belt and now it still won't charge. What is next.
    I have an Iseki 1502 with the 3 cyl. Mit. engine. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Battery won\'t charge

    An easy check if you have a voltmeter -- the voltage accross the battery terminals should be about 13 volts (13.8 usually) with the engine running. If it is not charging, the voltage will be 12 volts or less.

    If it's not charging, your choices are somewhat limited -- (1) generator/alternator bad, (2) voltage regulator bad, (3) fan belt loose. It sounds like you checked the fan belt, but I'd check it again -- it's the least expensive solution.

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    Default Re: Battery won\'t charge

    How much for a voltage reguator the fan belt is brand new and tight.

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    Default Re: Battery won\'t charge

    I have a silly question. How do you know the battery is not defective? That is one of the most common failures. For example, if you let a 3 year old battery rundown completly it wil probably not charge. Try charging it with a separate charger. My apoloqies if you have already done this.

    Bob Rip

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