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    Default fuel filter housing

    Thanks for the replies to my last post. I think I am fighting a loosing battle when I bleed the fuel system. I finally got the tractor started and it ran great while I was moving the bush hog and blade off of my street (tractor and implements delivered to me last week).
    I changed the fuel filter and the filter cup retaining nut would not tighten beyond hand tight. If I tried to snug it down a little with a plyers, it would jump a tread and be loose again. Also, the shut-off valve on the filter housing was leaking a little. When I got the tractor started I tried to bleed the system again. Each time I opened the bleeder on the intake side of the filter, I would see bubbles. And the bubbles just kept coming. To me this meant that air was being sucked in around the filter cup o-ring or the o-ring in the shut-off valve.
    #1 Does this sound like a reasonable deduction?
    #2 If it is the cause of my problem, can I replace this part with a readily available part or do I have to get a factory part?
    This is on an Iseki TL2700. Thanks!

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    Default Re: fuel filter housing

    Try Hoye, 940-438-0386. That housing is the same on several brands and models.

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    Default Re: fuel filter housing

    Thanks for the heads up. I replaced the housing with an in line filter this afternoon. Didn't seem to make much difference. When I finally got the tractor running it ran well. When I shut it down it would fire right back up. If I waited 15 minutes it wouldn't fire for anything. Does this still sound like air in the lines or a glow plug issue? I have juice to the plugs but haven't removed and tested them. Thanks

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    Default Re: fuel filter housing

    It's still air in the lines. It should start after 15 minutes without glow plugs.


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    Default Re: fuel filter housing

    I hate fuel bowl type filters. My suggestion is to get a real spin on type filter housing from a local truck dealership and install it. Easier to change, last longer and will never give you problems like a bowl setup will and can be remote mounted anywhere you like.

    Heck, I put a Detroit Diesel fuel filter housing on my furnace last year. Started having problems with the fuel bowl filter on the tank last year. To small, plugged up to fast and never wanted to seal correctly. My filter now lives inside on the side of the furnace and is almost 10 times larger than the original filter. Best of all it now has a water drain on it.

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