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    Default JD Parts website now lists 14T & 24T Parts Books

    I have been sending JD 14T baler information to a few of you via PM, but now I see now has PDF files for the 14T and 24T balers. Who knows whatever 'old' but capable stuff can now be resurrected as the need for parts is being realized (FWJ ??). I've never had problems getting stuff for them, especially if you have the part numbers. In fact I order thru my JD Lawn & Garden dealer cause its close to the ranch. He even brings 'em by.

    I'm gonna refurbish mine with some guides and bearings, etc. and add a few optional gizmos to make life sweeter for my deal.
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    Default Re: JD Parts website now lists 14T & 24T Parts Books

    I've never been head over heels in love with any single brand of equipment. My affinity with certain models and certain era's within a brand are obvious to many. I still think the 100 series Massey's and much of the implement line that was sold with them are some of the best ever FOR THEIR SIZE. But there's a few years where Massey FErguson, the brand, lost my interest. But when push comes to shove, if asked, it would be imposiible to deny that John Deere has offered better parts support to their entire product line than any brand on the market. To say otherwise would be ridiculous. NO ONE matches them in that regard. That's one of the reasons why they've reached the level they now have. During the years I was trying to farm, ALL my critical equipment ended up being Deere for that very reason. (2 biggest tractors, planter, grain drill, baler, combine.)

    Most brands have found that small equipment from a time long gone is still selling. My Massey's have their HERITAGE parts line catering to older product lines. Deere is re-introducing parts and information on older products. The typical weekend farmer, hobbiest, or "Ranchette owner" (I love that term!) can't afford a new $15,000 square baler for 400 bales a year, but he can sure justify spending $1000 on that trusty old baler that Grampa gave him.....If only he could get the parts. With so many dealers nowdays being slightly less than "farm oriented", it's not nearly as likely you can stroll in and find a parts guy who knows 45 year old balers intimately. He might know about Zero Tuning Radius mowers, he may know all about Gators, but that old baler, well, you better know the part numbers and description yourself if you want parts. And now we will.

    I just completed a refurbishing of 2 Deere #70 planter units that are 43 years old. Not one single part I needed WASN'T available. That speaks volumes.

    Good on ya John Deere. Let's keep that old stuff in the field for ANOTHER 50 years.
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