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    I have personly replaced a good many park pawls on these tractors. 99% are broken by jamming in park before being stopped fully. I have even broken one wile testing it . never did that again. however on the power reveser it is somtimes posible for the reverser to stay engaged at the same time as the park pawl is engaged. the p/r cable can become worn and miss adjusted. also deere has had a couple pips (product inprovment program) aka recall on these were they replaced the shifter asembly and a couple different park pawls . I think poping the range shift into neutral mite be very cheep insurance. have had customers break them repetely . I do not think there is an issue with parking on any hill as long as park is properly engaged before dismounting the tractor!!
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    Default Re: John Deere 5420 problem

    I just searched this topic because last night I let a friend drive my 5115m and when shifting gears at about 4 mph he accidentally put it in park. It didn't lock up it just clicked. He pulled it out of park in about a second. I tested it today parking on steep slopes and it works fine. Even put it park when rolling very slow and it engages nicely. There must be a mechanism that prevents it from engaging when moving? Any thoughts?


    Also ju s t because of how this is set up I am guessing that many others have done this also so it looks like they may have planned for something like this to happen?

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